Ezybonds Global Payments is a payment platform which interacts with the banking system. It is not a bank. It acts as a hub, connecting to banks. Your money is held in the Ezybonds custodial bank accounts in trust so it is secure. The system recognizes when your money is in the bank account and assigns it to your Ezyaccount.

To successfully deposit money into your Ezyaccount it is important that you follow the two step deposit process:

  1. Notify the Ezybonds system by registering a Pending Deposit in your Ezyaccount. The system generates a 'Unique Deposit Amount' to identify your transaction; and 
  2. Transfer the Unique Deposit Amount from your bank (by cash, check or online) to the Ezybonds Custodial Bank in your area. When the funds arrive in the custodial bank account the Ezybonds system recognises your Unique Deposit Amount and allocates the funds to your Ezyaccount.