Ezybonds Global Payments interacts with banking systems globally and in many countries banking institutions do not use a 'reference' to assist with transaction identification.

When you deposit funds into your Ezyaccount, once cleared through the banking system the funds are deposited into the Ezybonds custodial bank account to be allocated to your Ezyaccount. Without a reference number, these transactions can be difficult to identify and allocate to the appropriate Ezyaccount. As a result, the Unique Deposit Amount system was introduced to enable the easy identification of your deposit.  

Each time you generate a pending deposit in your Ezyaccount the system automatically adds an additional random amount to your deposit, creating a Unique Deposit Amount. A Unique Deposit Amount is generated for every individual deposit transaction and is the primary 'reference' for your deposit.  

To enable the automated allocation of funds to your Ezyaccount it is important that you deposit the exact unique deposit amount and that any additional fees charged by the banks are paid separately. This ensures that the unique deposit amount arrives in the Ezybonds custodial bank account unaltered. The unique deposit amount, less the transaction fee, will then be credited to your Ezyaccount.