If you are a Chinese National you must supply two ( 2) documents, one document from each of the following categories, to confirm your proof of identity for International KYC/AML compliance regulations:

Document 1: 

  • Republic of China National Identification card.
Document 2: 

This document must contain your first and last name and your current residential address (a PO Box is not accepted).

  • Utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Credit or debit card statement
  • Drivers licence
  • Signed letter from a landlord, employer, bank officer etc. confirming your residential address 

: If you do not have a Chinese National Identification Card you can apply for your Ezyaccount using your International Passport. To do this, select 'Other' instead of 'Chinese' on the first screen of the Ezyaccount Registration form.


The information recorded on the Ezyaccount Registration form creates your Ezyaccount Personal Profile and these details must match the informaton contained in the two identification documents supplied.

It is your responsibility to maintain your Ezyaccount Profile and to update expired ID documents and changes of residential address details.

Recommended Image Capture:   

  • Scanner, Smart phone or Digital / Web Camera (at least 8MP recommended)
  • Scanned documents should be over 300 dpi and file size less than 2.5 Mb 

  • Images must be in colour, have clear edges and are not to be blurred

  • JPG or PNG file type

  • Take the image from directly overhead to give 90 degree angles to the documents corners  

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