If you are requested to upload additional documents to your Ezyaccount profile you will need to re-load both Document 1 and Document 2 and include the additional requested document/s with the Document 2 file upload.

1. Prepare your Documents:

  1. Scan or photograph Document 1 and save to your computer;
  2. Scan or photograph Document 2 together with your additional document/s and save to your computer.

2. Upload your Documents:

  1. In your Ezyaccount go to the  Your Profile  tab select  Identity Documents , or from the Ezyaccount Registration page scroll to the 'Identity Information' section;
  2. In the Document 1 field, click on the Choose File button to upload your saved document file;
  3. In the Document 2 field, click on the Choose File button to upload the saved file containing your second ID document and the additional document/s;
  4. Click the Upload Documents button.

Note: The status of your Ezyaccount will remain as ‘Pending Document Review’ until your documents and Profile have been reviewed for KYC/AML compliance. You will be notified by email when the status of your Ezyaccount has been updated.