To send funds to a bank account the bank account must first be validated
Validating a bank account is a two step process:


  1. Log in to your Ezyaccount. Select your currency account
  2. From the  Bank Accounts  tab, select  Add New Bank Account 
  3. Select the currency of your bank account from the drop down. Click  Continue 
  4. Complete all Beneficiary and Bank Account details. Click  Save Bank Account 

An email notification titled 'Verifying Bank Details’ is sent to you advising that Admin will send a random amount from your Ezyaccount to the new bank account to verify the details supplied


  1. Obtain the random amount Ezybonds has deposited into your bank account

  2. From the  Bank Accounts  tab select  Validate Bank Account 
  3. Click on the Friendly Name of the bank account to be validated
  4. Enter the exact random amount Ezybonds deposited into your bank account

You will need the equivalent of $10.00 USD of Available Cleared Funds in the selected currency account to validate a bank account.
The equivalent of $10.00 USD will be temporarily withdrawn from this currency account by Admin while they review the bank account details and send a random amount to your bank account.
The difference between the $10.00 USD equivalent and the random amount deposited into your bank account will be credited back to your Ezyaccount.

Validated bank accounts cannot be edited
Withdrawals can proceed immediately to validated bank accounts