Note: This function is currently unavailable in some countries

Depositing funds into an Ezyaccount from your bank account is a 2 step process

1 -  Generate a Pending Deposit in your Ezyaccount

2 -  Deposit the Funds at the Ban


Step 1Generate a Pending Deposit in your Ezyaccount

  1. Log in to your Ezyaccount and select the currency account you wish to use 
  2. Select  Deposit Funds  then click on  Deposit Funds from Bank Account    
  3. Select your Deposit Method then click  Continue 
  4. Enter your bank account details and the Deposit Amount and click  Continue 

A summary of this deposit transaction is shown and a 'Pending Deposit' email is sent to you.  

Your deposit amount is altered by the system to a Unique Deposit Amount which is used to identify your deposit when it arrives in the Ezybonds system

This transaction shows as a 'Pending Deposit' in the Ezyaccount Overview.

Step 2Deposit the Funds at the Bank

Send the Unique Deposit Amount to the Ezybonds bank account. The account details are provided on the 'Pending Deposit' email you received

Either go online to transfer the funds from your bank account or go to the Ezybonds Custodial Bank and deposit the cash into the account. 


  • Deposit the exact Unique Deposit Amount specified and put your Ezy ID number as the reference if allowed  
  • Ezybonds uses the Unique Deposit Amount to identify and allocate the funds to your Ezyaccount, so pay any bank fees separately  
  • Keep the bank deposit receipt or a copy of the cheque/check as a record 
  • Bank Transfers are only accepted from savings or cheque/check accounts Credit accounts or Bill Pay are not accepted  
  • A new pending deposit needs to be created for each new deposit transaction
  • Deposits can take up to ten business days to clear due to local bank processing
  • When the funds are cleared you will receive a 'Bank Deposit Cleared' email.