1. Log in to your Ezyaccount. If you have more than one currency account select the currency account you want to send the funds from. 
  2. Select the  Send Funds  tab then  Send to Email  from the drop down.



  3. Select an email address from your existing email list in the drop down or type in a new email address and click the  Continue  button.


 4. Complete the form by selecting the Currency to send, enter the Amount and your Reference.  Click  Continue.



  5. Check all details and click  Confirm.



  • An email is sent to you confirming the transaction details.
  • The email recipient is sent an email titled 'Online Transfer Received' confirming that the money has been sent.
  • If the email has an Ezyaccount linked to it the transaction will be completed instantly. 
  • If the recipient does not have an Ezyaccount, they will be advised to open an Ezyaccount to access these funds.

TipClick on the  Overview  tab for a summary of your transaction.