The  Overview  tab displays when you log in to your Ezyaccount. .

The  Overview  provides:

  • Quick Links to frequently used Ezyaccount functions;
  • A Summary of your Ezyaccount activities; and
  • A list of Recent Transactions.

(1)   The Ezyaccount Summarprovides a total for both Debit and Credit transactions within the selected currency account.

       The Total Debits and Total Credits figures represent the tally of all Cleared, Pending and Deleted transactions and the Balance figure indicates the difference between these two amounts.

       The Available Cleared Funds figure indicates the amount of money available for use in this currency account. Transactions with a 'Pending' status will not be included in this figure. 


(2)   Recent Transactions provides you with a quick view of the most recent transaction activity within this currency account.

       To view the details of a transaction, click on the blue transaction number located under the Reference heading.