If you forget your EzySMS App PIN it cannot be retrieved. To gain access to the App you will need to de-register your phone number from within your Ezyaccount and re- register for the EzySMS App.

For instructions please follow the steps below:

STEP 1: De-register your phone number from your Ezyaccount

  1. Log in to your Ezyaccount at www.ezybonds.com;
  2. Select currency account;
  3. From the Your Profile tab and select EzySMS App Phone Numbers;


     4. Tick the check box of the phone number you wish to de-register;

   5. Click De-register;

STEP 2: Re- register the Ezybonds App on your Phone

 1. Delete the existing Ezybonds App from your phone 
 2. Go to the App store and locate the Ezybonds EzySMS App;
 3. Re-enter your registration details,ensuring that you take note of your elected PIN number.