Ezybonds System Announcements

Ezybonds Update May 2017- AdHit Profits

On 28 March 2017, District Judge Jill N Parrish in the United States District Court for the District of Utah, found that Traffic Monsoon or a business model substantially similar to Traffic Monsoon's sale of AdPacks are illegal and a Ponzi scheme (See attached).

In accordance with the Ezybonds User Access Agreement, which all members electronically agreed to upon registration, Ezybonds is not liable for any monies that were paid to or received from any businesses found to be engaged in unlawful activities. Participation in these businesses is at your own risk.

Any monies paid to or received from Mr Charles Scoville's illegal Ponzi scheme are no longer recoverable. 
All transactions previously reversed will be cancelled as the prospects of now recovering any monies from Mr Charles Scoville are remote.

Although this is of little consolation for those Ezybonds members who have lost money by participating in Mr Charles Scoville's illegal Ponzi scheme, Ezybonds actions in closing him down early averted another "AdPacks" disaster similar to Traffic Monsoon.